How to implement
SMARTech Convergence?

The process has already started

Marketing is already converging with Technology (MarTech) and, at the same time, companies have been trying to align Marketing and Sales (Smarketing) to better address customer needs and meet business objectives.

SMARTech Convergence—the alignment between Marketing, Sales and Technology to serve customer demand and business goals is already happening even though it hasn’t been given a name yet.

SMARTech Convergence is necessary, if not mandatory.

In today’s marketplace, SMARTech Convergence enables companies to navigate the labyrinth of marketing platforms, tactics and channels that resonate with their valued customers.

SMARTech Convergence step-by-step

1. Converge Customer + Marketplace + Business

The first step to implementing SMARTech Convergence is to gain a complete understanding about who the target audience is by analyzing existing customer pain points, purchasing triggers and motivations and mapping the customer journey.

At the same time, extensive market research is needed to help form business goals relative to the state of the marketplace, the competitive landscape and internal capabilities/resources.

CONDUIT’s Business Intelligence service helps you take this first step to SMARTech Convergence and ensures that your business strategy is truly aligned with customer demand.

2. Align Marketing Strategy

The next step is to evaluate your existing marketing initiatives against customer research, surveys, interviews and business insights and develop a new marketing program that aligns with your customers’ needs, wants and motivation as well as the business goals.

Gaps in reporting and attribution also have to be eliminated so that you are able to track customer behavior across channels and measure the impact of your marketing at each step of the sales funnel.

Rebuilding your marketing strategy from scratch and implementing reliable reporting can be too resource-intensive. CONDUIT’s Marketing Strategy service addresses this issue.

3. Align Sales Strategy

The next step is assessing the individual strengths of your salespeople so that you can best align them with different customer personas and measure how each sales rep performs with each type of customer.

At the same time, all sales touchpoints need to be examined starting from the company’s website—the traffic it’s getting and the leads that it’s sending to Sales. At this stage, IT could assist in making it possible to track the sales process from beginning to end.

Sales Strategy service ensures that all of these tasks are performed and your sales funnel is optimized to attract the right leads.

4. Align Technology + Sales + Marketing

The next step is understanding the business impact of the platforms that you’re going to potentially adopt or have already adopted as part of your technology stack.

IT could start to consult with Marketing and Sales on making the most cost-effective and versatile choices when it comes to technology and, at the same time, help eliminate overlapping systems that disrupt marketing and sales operations and incur unnecessary monthly costs.

Instead of engaging your internal resources in this process, you can take advantage of CONDUIT’s Technology Consulting service to cut down your excessive technology costs.

5. Source Third-Party Providers

At this point, your marketing and sales strategies should already be aligned with your customer and it is time to ensure the tactics are executed as intended.

To achieve cost-effectiveness, most companies choose to outsource select marketing activities to third-party vendors. However, the risk of engaging with misaligned vendors is high which is why it’s crucial that your RFPs communicate business requirements clearly and vendors are carefully vetted.

CONDUIT’s RFP Writing + Vendor Sourcing services can help you expedite this process while eliminating the reasons why vendors could fail you.

6. Measure Performance

The final and probably most important step to SMARTech Convergence is implementing integrated reporting.

Vendor reports + internal marketing reports + internal sales reports all have to be consolidated into one single dashboard where executives can track and measure returns at each step of the sales funnel—from lead generation, through customer acquisition and to customer retention.

Specific challenges at this stage are monitoring vendor performance and dissolving data silos. CONDUIT’s Vendor Management + Integrated Reporting services help overcome these issues.


SMARTech Convergence is not a process proprietary to CONDUIT. After working with over 700 companies of different sizes in both B2B and B2C industries, it is simply our observation that SMARTech Convergence is the next logical step for companies that want to stay ahead of the curve.

At CONDUIT, we are certain that SMARTech Convergence is the solution to today’s fragmented sales funnels, to the soaring marketing budgets and to the inability to clearly quantify marketing impact because we have already implemented it to solve these problems for our clients.

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Early adopters of SMARTech Convergence stand to make millions of dollars through lowering the cost to acquire new customers and making internal cooperation more efficient

Whether your company is Fortune 100, Growth Stage or a Start-up – adopting SMARTech Convergence today could mean the difference between being in business or out of business in the future.

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