SMARTech Convergence + MARKETING

Prove marketing impact. Move past personas.

Marketers need internal support

Back in the day, there were few marketing channels and customers were not able to research in-depth before buying. However, this has changed for the better since the advent of the Internet.


According to The Aberdeen Group, 55% of marketers say a top challenge is meeting the needs of modern buyers who have access to a wealth of information about competing products/services.

Persona-based marketing cannot help solve this issue because, today, the marketplace is much more fragmented than before. The same persona’s buying habits and sales cycle could vary greatly across industries.

To understand the specific wants, needs and pain points of their 21st-century customer, to achieve accurate attribution, to navigate the rapidly evolving MarTech landscape, marketers need support from both Technology and Sales—SMARTech Convergence.

to the rescue

How can marketers benefit from this new paradigm?

It helps understand the buyer’s journey. In a SMARTech-Converged company, marketers can map the entire customer journey and tailor their strategies to address the wants, needs and concerns buyers have at each stage of consideration.

It provides deeper customer insight. When Marketing converges with Sales and Technology, marketing and sales data can be shared without having to translate it or normalize it. Marketers are able to understand which leads convert + why.

It drives crucial feedback from Sales. Marketers gain understanding about where the leads are ultimately going and how they are going to be handled, who is managing each lead and what the results are.

It provides reliable marketing data. Today’s marketer should be able to measure results but, in reality, marketers are challenged to make sense of scattered reports and corrupt data. Implementing SMARTech Convergence resolves this issue.

It eliminates MarTech challenges. When working closely with Technology, marketers will be able to trust the IT team to help make better technology decisions. They will no longer need to research and evaluate the plethora of marketing platforms on their own.

It helps acquire the most desirable prospects. Empowered by Technology and Sales, marketers could customize their media strategies to acquire a specific type of customer which ultimately helps drive more sales with fewer leads.

It helps leverage marketing channels. Using the detailed knowledge they get about existing customers, marketers can better leverage the segmentation capabilities of paid advertising and social media or build up content strategies to target certain buyers.

It helps acquire more sales for each marketing dollar. With support from Technology, marketers can flatten data silos, understand how customers move through the sales funnel and position their strategy for higher ROI.

The new customer demands
SMARTech Convergence

In order to make sure marketing dollars are spent to get sales, marketers need to know with certainty whether each lead is high-quality or not.

Marketing can’t stop at generating leads and handing them over to Sales. The two departments need to collaborate to attract more high-quality leads.

The obligation now becomes for Marketing and Sales to share customer data and insights continuously because, in the multi-device connected world we live in, customers can enter the sales funnel at any point in their decision-making process. Technology has to provide the common platform to achieve this new, higher level of collaboration.

SMARTech convergence is inevitable because all three departments are now interdependent and subservient to the customer.

SMARTech CONVERGENCE = Smarter Targeting

One of the most important implications of adopting SMARTech Convergence is that marketers will integrate their data and be able to trust the accuracy of their metrics and reports.

Thanks to integrated data, marketers are finally going to have a detailed customer journey map, feedback about which leads are performing better and data to understand how and why the different types of customers buy the way they do. They will be able to target specific customer types with laser-like precision and attract them to the company’s website because they will know what this customer values, where they are on the Internet and how they behave.

It’s the natural solution to marketing challenges

The concept of SMARTech Convergence helps marketers move away from tactics and focus on what has been and always will be the way to succeed in marketing—knowing your customer. Through SMARTech Convergence marketers will be able to make use of data to understand what strategies are working and what aren’t and to correct course before disaster strikes. They will be able to make informed decisions and thus get an edge over the competition.

A SMARTech Convergence strategy empowers marketers by answering…

What went wrong with our strategy? Why?

Does this tactic help attract high-quality leads?

What type of leads convert better?

What is the impact of marketing?

How to implement


This is a high-level overview of the proprietary process we use at CONDUIT to assist our clients in implementing SMARTech Convergence.

Understand the market.

It all starts with the customer, the stage of maturity of the marketplace as well as knowledge about the competition. By building your SMARTech Convergence strategy off of this basis, you are able to eliminate variables and reasons to fail.

Integrate Sales + Marketing + Technology.

A crucial aspect of implementing SMARTech Convergence is, of course, finding the common ground and facilitating collaboration between these three departments internally.

Choose the right marketing strategy.

This knowledge has to be synthesized + combined with your business objectives to form a relevant customer acquisition strategy, write RFP requirements and source qualified third-party vendors.

Close the loop. Measure returns.

The defining piece of a SMARTech Convergence Strategy is integrated reporting. It’s what enables executives to quantify marketing and improve their customer acquisition strategy as needed.

Dive into the details

Learn more about the action steps needed to implement a SMARTech Convergence strategy in your company + how CONDUIT can expedite this process and make it cost-effective.