SMARTech Convergence + SALES

Lower the cost per sale.

The function of Sales has changed

Nowadays, the customer prefers to do research by leveraging the wealth of information on the Internet before talking to a salesperson. For this reason, Marketing and Sales are converging into a common function—to provide the customer with a solution to their problem and to assist the buying decision.


According to Forrester, 59% of B2B customers prefer to do research online instead of interacting with a sales rep because they believe the rep is pushing a sales agenda rather than helping solve a problem.

The new customer buying habits, the ever-increasing technology costs and disjointed platforms are the main factors that drive the marketplace to the only logical solution—SMARTech Convergence.

SMARTech Convergence is the idea of unifying Sales, Marketing and Technology operations to gain customers by understanding them while lowering the cost per sale.


How can Sales benefit from this new paradigm?

It helps drive more sales with fewer salespeople. In a SMARTech-Converged company, salespeople have quick access to customer insights which allows them to leverage the individual’s pain points and make highly relevant offers.

It helps pre-answer objections. Adopting SMARTech Convergence enables Sales to collaborate with Marketing to pre-answer questions and to capitalize on the 60% of the people who are doing their research before they contact sales.

It goes beyond Account-Based Marketing With SMARTech Convergence, Marketing can supply Sales with information about customer behavior to finally be able to measure attrition, sales cycle length, LTV of that particular customer and the likelihood that they will be upsold.

It helps choose the right technology. Sales will have complete support from IT to make sure that the platform they use has only the bells and whistles that they need and does the best of addressing the problems specific to salespeople.

It matches sales reps with prospects. When Marketing, Tech and Sales converge, Marketing understands what leads are valuable and Technology aligns them with the right sales person at the right time.

It helps attract more high-quality leads. Marketing and Sales work together to ensure the leads marketers source are qualified in terms of the business goals while salespeople have all the data they need to convert these leads into customers.

It enables precise targeting. With a SMARTech Convergence strategy, budget can be assigned to acquiring a specific type of customer at a specific stage of the sales cycle. This helps shorten the sales cycle and increase the lifetime value.

It provides better sales metrics. Technology provides a common platform for Marketing and Sales to collaborate on so that The Head of Sales can clearly see how each salesperson is performing with a specific type of lead.



The concept of SMARTech Convergence enables salespeople to leverage automation and marketing insight to build lasting customer relationships that help shorten the sales cycle and increase customer lifetime value.


In effect, this means that Sales departments will be able to meet their revenue goals with fewer sales reps thus achieving the business goal—lower cost per sale.

It’s the natural solution to sales challenges

SMARTech Convergence is the answer to the problems of The Head of Sales because it is going to enable salespeople to understand each customer in-depth by working together with Marketing and Technology. Customer insight is the key to more sales with fewer, targeted leads.

SMARTech Convergence strategy empowers senior leadership by answering…

What does this customer care about?

What types of prospects is this sales rep most effective with?

Are salespeople selling or simply taking orders?

How can we lower the cost per sale?

How to implement


This is a high-level overview of the proprietary process we use at CONDUIT to assist our clients in implementing SMARTech Convergence.

Understand the market.

It all starts with the customer, the stage of maturity of the marketplace as well as knowledge about the competition. By building your SMARTech Convergence strategy off of this basis, you are able to eliminate variables and reasons to fail.

Integrate Sales + Marketing + Technology.

A crucial aspect of implementing SMARTech Convergence is, of course, finding the common ground and facilitating collaboration between these three departments internally.

Choose the right marketing strategy.

This knowledge has to be synthesized + combined with your business objectives to form a relevant customer acquisition strategy, write RFP requirements and source qualified third-party vendors.

Close the loop. Measure returns.

The defining piece of a SMARTech Convergence Strategy is integrated reporting. It’s what enables executives to quantify marketing and improve their customer acquisition strategy as needed.

Dive into the details

Learn more about the action steps needed to implement a SMARTech Convergence strategy in your company + how CONDUIT can expedite this process and make it cost-effective.