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Conduit offers RFP Consulting Services in order to ensure that you select the best and most cost-effective 3rd party vendors for your business. Conduit will help you to find vendors that will provide integration, connectivity and organizational alignment amongst all departments of your business.

How we’ll make your vendor selection process easy by ensuring the winner is not only qualified but integrated into the overall strategy:

Thorough business requirements gathering to ensure the suppliers have a clear understanding of your business goals and objectives.

A clear selection process with participation requirements, guidelines and deadlines to ensure apples to apples comparison.

Detailed description of your target market, competitive landscape and current strategy to make sure the suppliers have a clear vision to submit relevant bids for an integrated strategy.

Starts at $7,500




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About Us

CONDUIT takes a thorough 360-degree approach to optimizing the cohesiveness of your marketing, sales + IT operations. We believe that organizational connectivity is key to strengthening your company’s brand + achieving business objectives.

We are problem solvers.

We build strategies from the customer out.

We take the guess work out of Sales + Marketing.

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