Justin Perry

CEO & Founder

"I believe the secret to life is understanding the why. I founded Conduit with this in mind. So much of Conduit’s DNA has been influenced by the unfulfilled needs of every company, mentor, coworker and employee I have encountered in my professional journey. I have spent 15 years building and scaling successful services companies in the technology and marketing space. I have been fortunate enough to gain knowledge working for and alongside extremely smart and talented individuals. My experience has left me with invaluable knowledge to know why so many companies are experiencing this disconnect and most importantly how to fix it."

Natalie Deych

CTO & Co-founder

"I have over 10 years of experience in web and marketing technology. I have successfully aligned marketing operations to improve efficiency, organizational alignment and revenue generation for customers. I am passionate about understanding my customers' business problems, sourcing solutions, executing the strategy by directing the best mix of vendors and bringing it all together through meaningful data to understand the true impact to empowering customers to make smart decisions for their investments in marketing tactics and technology."

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