4 min read

Destination Transformation: Why Aren’t We There Yet?

Perhaps it’s time to reboot your perspective on how best to acquire and retain more of your best customers.

7 min read

Building a Framework for Solving Business Problems

Just like a house, your business strategy must be built on a strong foundation. You can fix the cracks in yours by first asking why you’re failing.

2 min read

How Sales and Marketing Can Best Collaborate

Convergence allows once-siloed functions to navigate together toward a common business goal.

8 min read

Setting Realistic Business Goals

The 4-step method companies can use to set viable business goals and measure success.

30 min read

Advice From the Best Salesperson I Ever Met

We change the questions companies should be asking internally when it comes to acquiring customers.

12 min read

Why Your Website May Fail as a Sales Tool

What does your website and the glass bank have in common? More than you think.

6 min read

The New Customer: How Can Sales + Marketing Adapt?

Your SMARTech Journey starts with understanding the factors that drive the adoption of new organizational philosophy—SMARTech Convergence.

6 min read

Your Industry Life Cycle

Is It New? Growing? Expanding? Established? Contracting?

3 min read

How To Identify Business Opportunities

SMARTech Convergence helps Marketing + Sales align geographically and concentrate on areas that are most likely to be profitable.

5 min read

Who Are Your True Competitors?

Why your biggest competitors are not necessarily the companies that appear to be and how to discover your true competitors to gain competitive advantage.

4 min read

It’s Time To Redefine The Unique Value Proposition (Uvp)

Why the UVP is the most powerful weapon your company can use to protect its brand equity and market share.

7 min read

UVP + Your Best Customers

What are the distinct roles someone may have in a buying process and how to approach them with your marketing and sales materials.

9 min read

Align How Your Best Customers Buy + How You Sell

How to align your company’s internal sales process with the target customer’s buying process and drive more revenue with less marketing spend

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