What is Conduit Innovation?

Conduit Innovation is a firm that provides consulting, support and develops software tools to help companies of all sizes better compete in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

In two words, can you sum up what Conduit Innovation does?

Enable Success.

How do you enable success?

We approach every client we partner with, having no predisposition or preconceptions.  We assume the best of the people within the business at our clients and we leverage our methodology to identify the underlying challenges and back into the correct solution by virtue of eliminating the variables that contribute to failure. 

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What’s my investment tolerance need to be in order to work with you?

Every company in the world, at any stage of their lifecycle would benefit by working with Conduit Innovation.  In fact, most companies can’t afford not to work with Conduit Innovation.  The question is typically whether the company or organization has understood and internalized that it needs to work with a company like Conduit Innovation. 

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Does working with Conduit Innovation require a significant investment by our own internal resources?

Overall, the level of engagement amongst internal stakeholders within our clients truly depends on the case at hand.  That said, our model is predicated on allowing the people “in the business” to work in the business while Conduit acts as an extension of the client to work “on the business”.

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What’s the difference between “Consulting” and “Bandwidth Augmentation”? What difference does it make to me?

There is a difference and it does matter! While innovative thinking is at the core of what we do, we acknowledge that not every company is ready to innovate.

Our INNOV8 model; is born from our SMARTech Convergence philosophy.  This means that the way we approach helping companies solve their problems within this modular approach is consistent from client to client.  What is not consistent is the contextual application of our approach to your business.  This is where our consulting comes in. 

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Help me understand how Conduit’s “innovative approach” translates to what I would expect from a business strategy consulting firm, a digital marketing agency, a technology consulting firm etc.?

Good question!  In our view, the biggest challenge that companies face is a pronounced lack of continuity and vision from Goal Setting to Strategy through Implementation.  Conduit exists to remove that complexity. 

Today, most organizations will have variations of the following:

  • Business Strategy
  • Global Sales Strategy
    • Inside Sales Strategy
    • Outside Sales Strategy
    • Channel Sales Strategy
  • Global Marketing Strategy
    • Brand Marketing Strategy
    • Traditional Marketing Strategy
    • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Global Technology Strategy
    • Core Infrastructure & Applications Strategy
    • Martech Strategy
  • Workforce Planning/Shaping Strategy
  • Outsourced Vendor Strategy

Depending on the size of the organization, specialized firms (digital agencies, lead generation agencies, business strategy consultants and technology strategy consultants) will be brought in to augment or inform these micro efforts.  This is inefficient and becomes a breeding ground for confusion and waste.

Conduit Innovations unique approach stands to unify each and every element of strategy within an organization by applying a process which enforces contextual decision making at every level, makes clear how each level of a strategy shapes/informs the subsequent level, while rallying the entire organization around what matters most- it’s customers.

As a result of this, organizations are in a position to consolidate all of the “strategic consulting” dollars which are being spent across all of these fragmented resources under a unified vision that ensures continuity and scalable decision making. 

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How Do We Define “Innovation”

To us, the intent to “innovate” means one of three things:

  1. They Want To:  A company has made a cultural decision, challenging themselves to think differently about the way they do things as a mechanism for that company to better compete in the future
  2. They Have To:  A company is being forced to change the way they’ve always done things (i.e. business as usual) because of an imminent threat to the viability of its business as a byproduct of environment or competitive challenges.
  3. They Need To:   A company has a series of problems or pain points that never seem to go away, and the time has come to make fixing problems a priority. 
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Change is inevitable. Progress is a choice.
Have the Courage to Prioritize Progress.