Help me understand how Conduit’s “innovative approach” translates to what I would expect from a business strategy consulting firm, a digital marketing agency, a technology consulting firm etc.?

Good question!  In our view, the biggest challenge that companies face is a pronounced lack of continuity and vision from Goal Setting to Strategy through Implementation.  Conduit exists to remove that complexity. 

Today, most organizations will have variations of the following:

  • Business Strategy
  • Global Sales Strategy
    • Inside Sales Strategy
    • Outside Sales Strategy
    • Channel Sales Strategy
  • Global Marketing Strategy
    • Brand Marketing Strategy
    • Traditional Marketing Strategy
    • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Global Technology Strategy
    • Core Infrastructure & Applications Strategy
    • Martech Strategy
  • Workforce Planning/Shaping Strategy
  • Outsourced Vendor Strategy

Depending on the size of the organization, specialized firms (digital agencies, lead generation agencies, business strategy consultants and technology strategy consultants) will be brought in to augment or inform these micro efforts.  This is inefficient and becomes a breeding ground for confusion and waste.

Conduit Innovations unique approach stands to unify each and every element of strategy within an organization by applying a process which enforces contextual decision making at every level, makes clear how each level of a strategy shapes/informs the subsequent level, while rallying the entire organization around what matters most- it’s customers.

As a result of this, organizations are in a position to consolidate all of the “strategic consulting” dollars which are being spent across all of these fragmented resources under a unified vision that ensures continuity and scalable decision making. 

What Effect Does this Process Have on the People Within Each Level of the Organization?

It empowers them.  Conflicting direction, competing priorities and dysconnectivity amongst departments as to the “larger goal” for the business are some of the primary undermining factors to success for companies of any size today.  Conduit Innovation’s unique approach stands to liberate the people across the organization from those concerns and positions those people to integrate with one another in ways they may have not thought previously possible. 

Plainly stated, our approach empowers the people within a business to perform the jobs they were hired for, in the best way possible by removing the primary reasons why they would otherwise fail.
What Effect Does This Have on Outsourced Vendors?

For the company, it eliminates the significant risks that come with outsourcing:

  • Fake Strategy:  While not unilateral, it is more common than not for vendors to position “asking the client what they want, and what they want the vendor to do (exactly)” as “strategy”.  Companies who outsource are paying a firm to tell them what they need, even if this may be different than what they asked for.  Many vendor partners lack the capability to differentiate the two.
  • Too Narrow Focus:   Some vendor partners are focused so deeply on the tactics themselves that they cannot connect the dots between their own tactics and the business results the customer requires.
  • Lack of Business Communication:  The continued expansion and fragmentation of the sales, marketing and technology landscape gives birth to new specialized service firms daily.  Who starts these firms?  Practitioner of the skills.  These people are often tacticians first,  business people second.  This is problematic when most companies hiring these firms are business people first, and are not practitioners (which is why they are in the market for a vendor).  This dysfunction can be equated to two entities speaking to each other in different languages.  It isn’t efficient or likely to produce success.

On the other hand, through Conduit Innovation’s process, these same vendors are given the best chance possible to succeed:

  • No More Fake Strategy, Just Implementation:  Unifying a company’s strategy allows for a clearer handoff to vendors.  Conduit, in cooperation with our clients assume the role of the architect of business requirements and strategic intent.  Third Party Vendors assume a role they are likely most comfortable in, which is to apply their expertise within a specific vision, and with a specific intent in mind that terminates to clear business results.
  • Lowering the Risk for Vendors Means Saving Money for Our Clients:   Most vendor pricing includes an allotment for “strategy”, and a buffer to account for cost overruns in support of the client’s needs. With Conduit’s innovative approach, a real case can be made that the risk for these vendors has been entirely mitigated.A case can also be made that the role for these vendors has become sufficiently narrow enough so that the vendor can pass along that savings to the Conduit’s client.While this may not be possible in every case, this is something Conduit strives to accomplish for our clients within the Vendor One service product.

Change is inevitable. Progress is a choice.
Have the Courage to Prioritize Progress.