About The Company

As a fitness franchise with multi-locations across Massachusetts, Fit Factory is well positioned as a middle-of-the-road option, offering affordable membership packages within their clean, state-of-the-art facilities. Fit Factory provides a luxury experience with an array of fitness programs and amenities such as: functional training, crossfit, mind and body, personal training, group classes, babysitting, juice bars, tanning, and saunas.

The Challenge

Fit Factory wanted to grow their business in both memberships and footprint.  They were experiencing a downturn in revenue and new memberships were not keeping pace with their attrition.  Fit Factory lacked the insight into what drives members to join and motivates them to stay.

The Business Goals

Fit Factory's primary goals entailed driving incremental revenue through the growth of membership enrollments and the expansion of locations/footprint. In addition, Fit Factory wanted to create a customer-centric experience that empowers brand building and improved member acquisition and retention. In order to reach the established goals, Conduit focused on the following:

  • The Brand: To create awareness across the region about Fit Factory's unique value proposition and the personalized, intimate experience that is consistent at every location.

  • The Revenue Drivers: To increase the number of memberships for premium packages and services and reduce advertising around low-value targets.
  • The Ideal Locations: To grow footprint in key suburbs south of Boston with heavy pre-sale promotions to drive memberships.
  • The Ideal Members: To identify and target high-value personas and tailor products, services and experience based on their wants and needs.

Our Process 

Conduit speadheaded a business transformation.  Our team placed the Fit Factory members at the center of their universe in order to improve the overall customer experience by listening, learning and aligning fitness offerings to the wants and needs of their members.  Our challenge was to incorporate a choir of voices and a range of unique, personal fitness stories into a singular, cohesive theme.

  • Step 1: Conduit conducted a Voice of the Customer (VOC) interviews in order to establish buyer personas and their journey to membership enrollment.  The personas represented prospective gym members and fitness enthusiasts in the Norfolk County area. Our team identified four personas that ranged from regular gym members (who just like to go in and do their thing without being bothered; low-value targets) to stay at home parents (who are generally fit and want to remain healthy through add-ons like personal training and group programs; high-value targets).
  • Step 2: Utilizing the persona insights, Conduit set out to redesign the Fit Factory website.  Our team established the an initutive website experience that mimicked the persona's journey to membership enrollment.  In addition, our team created effective imagery and content strategies that resonate with prospective members and encourages them to take action and join.
  • Step 3: Conduit revamped the marketing strategy to include a series of commercials personifying each target segment and put in place lead and revenue tracking links that provide insights by campaign, source or channel and help with results attribution and investments optimization.

In short, Conduit established buyer personas in order to define the new business strategy, target segments, on-site branding, advertising creative and website experience. Our team brought the unique voice of each persona front and center to create a human-to-human interaction, which is what the Fit Factory experience represents. We were able to identify which customer personas are the most valuable to the organization to focus marketing efforts and optimize ROI.

The Results

The key to making this possible hinged on understanding who the members really are and their needs (Reasons), desires (Goals) and challenges (Excuses).  If we could identify which personas drive the most financial return and stay the longest, then we could structure the business around the highest-value customers and provide the ultimate, personalized fitness experience.  To put it simply we needed to "find the why" in the business strategy while at the same time helping members “find the why” in each of their personal fitness journeys.

As a result, Fit Factory now has an intimate understanding of the profile of its highest-value members who purchase premium packages, invest in add-ons like personal training and group classes and have the most staying power. Armed with this knowledge, the following was acheived:

  • A new website that better presents the brand, value proposition, and a cohesive experience.
  • A brand platform that resonates programs with their target audiences.
  • A highly successful new location launch with twice as many presale memberships as the last grand opening.  75% of those memberships were premium packages versus 36% of memberships during the prior presale.

In addition, Fit Factory experienced a significant improvement in marketing metrics:

  • 55% increase in website traffic levels as a result of our engagement.
  • 47% increase in new website visitors as a result to effectie persona targeting.
  • 27% increase in website engagement identified through the decrease in the website's bounce rate.
  • Most importantly, Fit Factory’s website membership purchases increased by more than 400% over a 6-month period when compared to the first half of year to the second half of the year. The majority of the purchases were made by the most valuable members (the premium membership plan purchaser).

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