Fit Factory is a highly successful fitness franchise with multiple locations across Massachusetts. They were eager to grow their business, both in number of memberships and in location footprint, but they were hit with an inexplicable downturn in revenue. New member sign ups were not keeping pace with attrition rates…and they didn’t know why.

“Before we could get their brand in shape, we needed greater insight into member behavior.” 

Fit Factory offers affordable membership packages with clean, state-of-the-art facilities and a supportive, motivating staff. They provide a wide range of one-on-one and group fitness classes, including functional training, CrossFit, yoga, cycling, as well as babysitting services, juice bars, tanning, saunas and more. What they were lacking were customer insights. With so many services, they couldn’t be sure which ones were attracting new members, what motivated members to stay, or why they would cancel their memberships.

Fit Factory goals

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Grow membership while lowering cost of acquisition

  • Tailor services to high-value personas

  • Grow footprint in key target locations

Getting Fit with Customer One

In order to help Fit Factory with its overall brand and revenue challenges, we conducted Voice of the Customer (VOC) interviews to understand more about their members and what their journey to enrollment looked like.
The challenge was to incorporate a choir of different voices with a range of unique, personal fitness stories into information that was actionable for the team. That meant mapping Fit Factory sales data to our VOC and customer segmentation work. From this process, we were able to identify four major personas, along with their projected revenue potential—from regular gym members who liked to do their thing without being bothered (low-value targets) to stay-at-home parents who were generally fit and wanted to remain so through add-ons like personal training or group classes (high-value targets).


Website, Branding and Content Execution

Now that we knew who to target, the Conduit team designed a user-friendly and intuitive website that best represented the Fit Factory brand experience for each of the key buyer persona journeys to membership enrollment.
To attract prospects to the new site, Conduit brought the unique voice of each persona front and center in a series of ads and videos. Relevant imagery and content helped visitors continue their journey in a low-pressure way that educated prospective members and encouraged them to act.
Lastly, integrated lead and revenue tracking enabled Fit Factory to monitor their marketing return on investment (ROI) and make real-time adjustments by providing success metrics by campaign, source and channel.

The Results

Thanks to their Customer One service engagement, Fit Factory now has an intimate understanding of the types of people that make up their membership, who has staying power, and who is more likely to purchase premium packages or invest in add-on services. And they have an effective marketing machine for efficiently meeting and exceeding their goals:

  • 400% increase in website membership purchases*

  • 55% increase in website traffic*

  • 27% decrease in website bounce rate

*Website metrics compared to the previous 6-month period.
Fit Factory also experienced its most successful new location launch to date, with twice as many presale memberships than its last grand opening. What’s more, 75% of those memberships were for premium packages compared with 36% during the prior launch presale.


Through our customer-centric Customer One consulting model, Conduit helped Fit Factory understand their members, improve their member experience, and establish a highly focused brand and marketing campaign that maximized effectiveness as well as their ROI.


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