Laying the Foundation

Our goal was to transform Calico Cottage's website into a 24-hour sales person that has the power to educate a prospect or customer, pre-answer selling objectives and inspire new and innovative approaches to enhance success.

To accomplish this, it was clear that Calico needed to know their customers better. Through our Customer One process, we were able to identify and truly understand the wants, needs and behaviors of their ideal customers. This knowledge unlocked the potential to create hyper-focused, personalized messaging that is more than likely to increase customer acquisition and retention.

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New logoOur market research informed us that business owners are seeking ways to be innovative and incorporate new products into their selection. Calico’s previous logo was outdated and only appealed to a small segment of their customer base.

We incorporated aspects of the old logo into the new to maintain current customers’ trust and loyalty while also respecting Calico’s 55-year-long legacy. The new logo communicates that Calico Cottage is an upscale private label solution provider to both large and small format retailers who are looking for innovative products and programs.


Calico Cottage offers so much more than just fudge and we were determined to show their dynamic versatility through a series of galleries on their website.  The images in these galleries show prospective and current customers that fudge can be vibrant, unconventional, engaging and creative.

To align the website’s imagery with the new brand and logo strategy we set out to show that fudge can fit in any type of retail environment. The imagery shows the emotional connection and feelings of nostalgia that are so closely associated with eating and sharing fudge.


Video workWe believe there is no better way to convert prospects into customers than through video. Video has the power to truly engage people, communicate a lot of information quickly and enhance social communication.

During our Customer One process we had the pleasure of speaking with many of Calico’s customers and quickly realized that they are a true testament to the type of company Calico Cottage is.

After conducting hours of customer interviews, we were able to create video vignettes that feature the heartwarming stories of real customers and how their journey with Calico as a partner has brought sweet success.  What better way to convince prospective customers of the success they can have than to hear if from Calico customers themselves?

Content Strategy and Creation

Our content strategy was rooted in the notion that Calico’s prospective customers do not understand the value of fudge or the impact it can have on their business. Every word we use strategically elevates fudge and positions it as a customer-centric product that can deliver high profit margins.

With every piece of copy we aim to relay Calico Cottage is a trustworthy and cutting-edge partner.

We created case studies, articles and whitepapers to provide industry-specific expertise to educate prospective customers and eliminate any doubts they may have. Our extensive research fueled our ability to craft this intellectual property that Calico now owns.

The Results

With a refreshing look and feel, strategic messaging, and confident brand; Calico Cottage’s new website represents who they are: leaders in innovation.

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