Organizational Change
Voice of Customer

Here’s a high-level look at a typical Voice of Customer (VoC) engagement with Conduit Innovation.

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Voice of Customer is one of our core offerings with a scalabale refined process. Our approach is designed to examine the behavior of your customer segments across a variety of factors inclusive of what they buy, what they need, what motivates them and what their challenges are.

Understanding your customer means discovering the real reasons behind their behavior

We identify those external forces enabling you to hyper target , predict &influence behavior of the “right” customers for your business's growth:

  • Align Customer Lifestyles & the Value You Provide
  • Develop Context Based Customer Profile Segments
  • Link Profile Segments with Business Impact
  • Uncover External Factors Shaping Behaviors
  • Validate Internal Opinions About Customer Motivations

We will perform the following services:

  • Design the interview guide based on goals and objectives of the portal and internal stakeholder assumptions
  • Secure and conduct the interviews
  • Generate insights and create customer profiles
  • Build a comprehensive customer journey (acquisition and retention funnel)
  • Prepare recommendations for the UX and UI of the digital experience based on pain points, motivations and the need in the market place
  • Prepare recommendations for the sales, marketing and customer experience teams to implement immediately into their workflows

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