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is New or Pivoting

Whether you are a new organization getting ready to launch or pivoting into a new direction, our approach enables you to create and execute a strategy that positions you for success.

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Ecosystem Analysis
An organization’s performance is often heavily influenced by its environment. Factors that control economic trends, direct/indirect behaviors and societal tendencies must be considered when designing and configuring a go-forward strategy. We have designed a methodology and a process meant to understand these factors in advance of any tactical execution.

External forces that influence success

  • Dynamics of the industries you serve
  • Dynamics of the companies you serve within those industries
  • The competition & viability of the products/services you sell
  • Relative maturity of the markets where you complete
  • Market maturity & its impact to the products/services you sell
  • How external market forces influence customer behavior
  • Disruptive innovation, technology & volatility considerations
  • Current & forecasted future supply & demand considerations
Competitive Analysis
Target Audience Segmentation
All customers are not created equal, and by using attributes we can take our knowledge of the customer to
define the markets that we are operating in and where value lies based on what different customer segments
provided to us. Considering segments by stability, growth, margins, etc. allow us to create a holistic strategy that understands customer's roles and maximizes their potential for us.

Areas of Focus

  • Define Your Customer Segments
  • Weight & Influence of Customer Segments
  • Revenue Distribution Across Sales & Marketing Organization
Voice of Customer (VoC)

We conduct voice of the customer interviews with your customers, past customers and prospects to go beyond job titles and demographics and learn the real emotional triggers that make them want them to learn about your company, make a purchase, and remain a customer for life.

This processes can close the gap between what you think you know about your customers and how they actually feel about and engage with your company.

Value Proposition & Messaging
Customer Profiles

Understanding Your Customer

Understanding your customer isn’t as simple as knowing what they buy and why they buy it. We want to know what their environment looks like - what is changing, what is impacting them, what their goals are etc. You are only one piece of your customer's world, so we need to understand their entire context to determine where we
can add further value.

Customer Profiles

We craft customer persona profiles based on shared attributes and commonalities. However, unlike traditional buyer personas, we map your historical sales data against these personas to determine the real (sometimes hidden) monetary value of each.

By identifying your highest value customer personas, their careabouts and triggers, we can help you increase revenue and your ROI with a hyper-focused sales and marketing plan for attracting, acquiring and retaining more of them.

Understanding the Customer of Your Customer

Though we are often a layer or more removed, our customer's customer is just as impactful on our business
as our customer. Having knowledge of their context: the forces shaping their business, and their priorities and
challenges, helps us understand how they operate, and how that impacts our customer and us. This provides us with an opportunity to be a problem solver for our customer by helping them help their customers.
Value Proposition & Messaging
Marketing Strategy

What Forces Currently Undermine Today’s Marketing Strategies?

  • Unrealistic and hollow goals
  • Fragmented digital marketing tactics 
  • Inability to measure marketing attribution
  • Your customers’ resistance to be sold anything anymore
  • Your current and future customers being tone deaf to things that are not both relevant and helpful to them

Customer-Centricy Solution

Customer Centricity allows you to be able to identify, engage, and convert your highest-value customers for less money, time and effort than you currently spend on sales and marketing.

Setting Priority and Focus

  • Append customer target segments with historical sales and marketing behavior as a mechanism to plan outbound activity
  • Leveraging that behavior to align resources and tactics around customers’ buying habits and decision-making processes
  • Prioritize these efforts given the seasonal patterns of customer segments

Build a High-Value Customer Acquisition and Retention Plan

We build a comprehensive marketing strategy designed to maximize customer engagement, as well as your sales and marketing spend, by delivering exactly the right information to the right high-value customers and prospects at the right time in their journey.

Our team will take a granular look into your sales performance metrics and work with your sales and marketing teams to ensure that your new customer acquisition and retention plan is realistic, obtainable and measurable.

  • Budgeting and Goal Setting
  • Qualitative Voice of Customer data
  • Quantitative Attributes
  • High Leverage Tactics (easy, predictable ROI)
  • Low Leverage Tactics (difficult, unclear ROI)
  • Top-down approach based on values and ROI
  • Bottom-up approach with Account Managers to Gatekeeper sale and mass marketing to customer
  • Long Term Plan
  • Short Term Plans and Sprints
Digital Presence

Conduit views websites as a powerful tool – a 24-hour salesperson. But in order to harness this power, your website design must be cohesive and intentional; everything must serve a purpose. We know that even the smallest detail is vital in creating an exceptional user experience, and we work to ensure alignment on vision, direction and strategy. We leverage expertise in website design and development to translate this into a site that is thoughtful, easy to navigate, and an effective sales tool.

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