A Familiar Problem Resurfaces.

Your Lead Generation Strategy
Is Past the Point of Diminishing Returns

The Business is struggling to reach critical sales goals.
This result? Pressure to "do more" and to "figure it out". 

  • Sales thinks that marketing isn’t generating enough quality leads.
  • Marketing says sales isn’t doing enough to convert the leads they give them.
  • Leadership is fed up with all the finger pointing but doesn’t have the data to uncover the truth.
  • Stress begins to slowly build and before long, that stress breeds organizational frustration.

Guess what?  It’s Nobody’s Fault. And You’re Not Alone.

Decisions Without Data: The Silent Killer of Company Morale & Marketing Departments

  • The Data Marketing needs inform their strategy lives within & across many systems
  • The condition of data is (at best) fragmented or (at worst) non-existent.
  • Without the right data, companies are forced to make their best guesses when it comes to who they target, strategies, content & the direction they provide external partners.
  • This result is "data quality" & "data quantity" having opposite trajectories.  When one goes up, the other goes down.

When You've Decided
It's Time to Solve the Problem.

Knowing the Real Reasons Behind the Behavior of Your Customers is Essential

  • Discover Who Your Customers Really Are
  • Unlock the "Why" Behind "What" Your Customers Do
  • Predict & Influence What They Do Tomorrow

Making Customer Behavior Measurable 

  • External Factors That Influence Customer Behavior
  • Variations in Behaviors Amongst Customer Profiles
  • What Seperates the "Best" Customers From the Rest
  • The Real Business Impact of Your "Best" Customers

Your conduit to success

See how a customer centric approach is the key to your sustained success.

Case Study Fit Factory | MITX Award Winner 2018

Disrupting the Fitness Industry by Redefining the Brand of Fit Factory

The story of how Fit Factory became the most member centric, fitness destination experience in a hyper competitive market.

Your Knowledge is Power.

Your Efforts & Investments Are Impactful

  • Knowing the Attributes of Your "Best" Customers Prioritizes Your Focus
  • ​Understanding the "Why" Behind "What" Customers "Do" Informs Your Tactics
  • Understanding Customer Purchasing Behavior Reveals Their Real Impact to the Business

Apply This Knowledge to Refine

  • What You Say to Certain Customers
  • The Tone & Style That Is Most Effective
  • What You Sell/Upsell Certain Customers & Why
  • Improvements to Their Unique Customer Experiences 

Identify, Engage & Convert
the "Right" Customers for
Less Money, Time & Effort 

Go Beyond Personas.
Become One With Your Customers.

It's Time to Take Control of Your Customer Experience