What is Customer One?

Imagine being able to identify, engage, and convert your highest-value customers for less money, time and effort than you currently spend on sales and marketing. Believe it. Because it’s possible with Customer One, a unique consulting engagement from Conduit Innovation that will help you understand your customers in a way you never have before.

You have a problem 

Sales thinks that marketing isn’t generating enough quality leads. Marketing says sales isn’t doing enough to convert the leads they give them. And leadership is fed up with all the finger pointing but doesn’t have the data to uncover the truth.

Guess what? It’s nobody’s fault. And you’re not alone.

Without the right data, your people are forced to make their best guesses—from who to target with what messages to the technology platforms and partners they use to execute their plans and report results. If they work in organizational silos, like most companies, the data they get to make those decisions are not the same.

Different data can lead to drastically different conclusions.

Everything we do at Conduit Innovation is designed to break down the silos and misalignment that cause bad decisions, mistrust and missed quotas. We do this by delivering a unified set of data that is so obviously vital to the success of your business that your people will eagerly align their strategies, processes and technology around it.

That data is the truth about your customers.

The truth is out there. It’s called Customer One.

We all know that buyers are in charge of their own buying journeys. So, we build our customer personas and journey maps. We invest in the latest CRM, marketing automation, and social selling tools. We develop a metric ton of content. And still, we aren’t meeting our sales and marketing objectives. Worse, we’re not even sure which investment or campaign is truly paying off.

Our Customer One methodology goes way beyond buyer personas. We help you build a better buyer’s journey—one that maps to your historical sales data—to deliver hyper-focused, personalized content and offers to attract, acquire and retain only the most valuable customers and prospects for your unique products or services.

What you want to do.
What you “think” you need.
What you really need.