Step 1: Data Deep Dive

We identify all the places where relevant and useful data is locked within silos throughout your organization and bring our customer-centric approach to a deep-dive analysis of all of your historical sales and marketing data performance.


Step 2: Data Modeling

We then build a new data model based on a collection of common customer attributes and segment them into logical groups most important to your business.


Step 3: Data Enrichment

We map your historical sales data against your personas to determine the real (sometimes hidden) monetary value of each. This provides both marketing and sales with a highly focused list of high-value targets to develop an integrated customer acquisition and retention program.

See Customer One for more information.


Step 4: Data Gap Analysis

We identify gaps in data and data quality and develop a strategy to solve the problem.


Step 5: Data Alignment

We share our findings with your leadership team and help align sales and marketing with the customer goals identified in the new data model.


Step 6: Data Run

We ingest all your raw data where it lives in your various systems and begin to model it out—using key customer attributes and KPIs to power our analysis.


Step 7: Data Readout

We present our findings and help you prioritize your sales and marketing spend on the target segments most likely to fuel your company’s success.