Current State of the Business

We begin by evalutating the current state of the business. We perform a thorough evaluation of your marketing technology stack, associated workflows, integration points and ease of use for each type of user.

A Closer Look at your MarTech Stack

After a deep dive into business context that fueled current workflows and technology choices, we perform a high level ROI Analysis of associated Sales/Marketing platforms based on the consensus around their efficiency, impact to internal teams and the overall business, as well as recurring costs.

A Roadmap for Success

We provide a complete accounting and viability assessment of overarching goals for the business, relative to the state of the marketplace, forecasted sales goals, competition and internal capabilities/resources in order to establish an ideal Martech roadmap and a comprehensive strategy.

We go Above and Beyond

We work with the client to align consensus and complete the project. Depending on the client’s needs, Conduit makes recommendations to proceed to the next phase of our process.

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