What is Vendor One?

Focus on what’s core to your business and let us do the rest.

Whether you need data scientists or a videographer, research analysts or web developers, content strategists or designers, we take the uncertainty out of outsourcing with our Vendor One consulting service.

Your Conduit to Outsourcing Success

Finding the right vendors to help you scale can be a stressful and time-consuming process

There’s no guarantee of success once you’re done with your selection process. Does this sound familiar?

  • My company consistently chooses the wrong vendor for the job. 

  • Vendors rarely take the time to understand our company's brand or business requirements.

  • Collaboration between our different vendors is practically impossible. 

Eliminate the hassles and finger pointing of failed partner relationships before they happen. With Vendor One, we’ll not only help you assemble a winning team, but leave you with a system for fully assessing the impact that your sourced vendors have on your overarching business requirements.

A 5-Step Process to Finding the Right Vendor. 

Here’s a high-level look at a typical Vendor One engagement.


How does it work?

Here’s a high-level look at a typical Vendor One engagement:


Step 1: Discovery

We work with you to understand your objectives, internal challenges and obstacles in order to establish agreed-upon business requirements for vendor outsourcing. We’ll also establish key performance indicators so we all know what success will look like.


Step 2: Request for Proposal

We develop a highly detailed RFP that clearly communicates your requirements, expectations, limitations, timelines and initial benchmarks.Your organization can now benefit from multiple bidders and perspectives when seeking an solution.


Step 3: Vendor Sourcing

We research and pre-qualify a list of potential vendors that may meet your needs and invite them to submit detailed solution proposals. We manage all communications between you and your potential partners, answer questions, review proposals, add our own recommendations, and collaborate with you to select the winning vendors.


Step 4: Vendor Negotiations

Conduit will inform all vendors that make your short list and negotiate contractual terms with the winning bidders on your behalf. We make it easy for you to work with the best vendor possible for your scope of work. 


Step 5: Vendor Management

To ensure continued success, Conduit acts as an extension of your business, monitoring vendor performance to ensure collaboration and seamless integration between individual vendors and your internal teams.