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What is it?

An immersive consulting experience that helps companies innovate and transform their business, it is the turnkey INNOV8 process brought to life for our customers.

What does it do?

Designed to help companies of all sizes “work on the business” without taking the focus away from the people in the business.

Why is it important for your business?

Our process systematically eliminates the variables that threaten success as we guide our clients through their lifecycle of change.

There's a Reason Some Problems Never Go Away.

We don't know who our best customers are

We don't know how to make our customers listen

It's Not Magic, But The Results Are Magical.

Step 1
Identify and Understand the Problem. Define the present state of the business and  evaluate how the dynamics of the marketplace will influence success. Understand how phase one impacts realistic goal-setting.
Step 2
Analyze all the factors that affect the problem. An in-depth exploration of the company’s historical performance and the relationship with their customers.
Step 3
Figure out what to do about the problem. Determine what the end-goal will be to clearly establish a path to success. 
What is SMARTech Convergence?

SMARTech Convergence is the long-overdue integration of business goals, customer needs, Sales, Marketing, and Technology operations to acquire and retain customers.

The Big Problem

The customer journeys are too fragmented and most companies are unable to clearly attribute marketing dollars to specific actions or campaigns.

Companies struggle to identify the best ways to spend effort + budget to acquire their most desirable customers.

SMARTech Convergence will change this

It will enable Sales, Marketing, and Technology teams to work together as one, share data, and tailor the buying experience to the customer’s needs.

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Step 4
Develop a strategy to remove the problem. Devise a plan that will maximize a company’s strengths while transforming perceived “weaknesses” into strengths for critical customer segments, when failure is not an option.
Step 5

Deploy a Solution. Turn “theory” into practice. From targeted support of internal teams to turnkey implementation as a managed service, Conduit ensures companies bring to life innovative ideas as soon as possible for maximum impact.

Step 6 

Ensure companies realize the maximum ROI for their innovation and transformation strategies by providing ongoing support to internal teams. Conduit aligns the right people, processes, and platforms to guarantee a strategy that scales seamlessly.

Not a believer?
Let our clients tell you.

The issue Calico faced, and others will face is that they need transformations. Yes, most organization could benefit! Using a company’s existing staff to make a transformation is difficult if not impossible. They have the wrong mind set. The only way for a transformation to succeed, I think, is for outsiders to be heavily involved and for key players on the inside to believe. Conduit made me a believer and Conduit was incredibly clever and patient in being able to morph other key players into believers.  That’s why this worked for us
Mark Wurzel, CEO of Calico Cottage
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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers.

How can I justify this to my shareholders?
We help you build a business case that is rooted in your overarching business goals. You will be able to connect the dots when it comes to relating the business results that you hope to achieve. 
How much will it cost and what is the ROI?
Our discovery process enables us to understand your company's needs, goals and requirements. As a result, we can more accurately determine which services and/or software solutions to recommend, at a value best suited for you. Through Innov8 we are able to uncover what your organization truly needs to be successful. We know that resources and budgets are not unlimited so knowing that’s why we are committed to making this engagement successful.
How much internal bandwidth will be required to support this solution?
Our goal is to take on as much or as little work that our customer feels is mutually beneficial.
How much access of information to the business will Conduit need?
From the beginning of our partnership to the end, we are fully invested in your success. The more information, context and data you can provide us, the more thorough our analysis can be. By fully immersing ourselves in your business, we will be able to have a maximum impact. 
How will I know its working?
Through our approach and methodology we ensure that there is alignment and agreement between internal stakeholders in order to strategically move forward with implementation and ongoing refinement. 
How will I know its working?
Through our approach and methodology, we ensure that there is alignment and agreement between internal stakeholders in order to strategically move forward with implementation and ongoing refinement. 
What if I don’t have the correct data?
In the event of gaps or missing information, do not worry, we are happy to provide “if/else” scenarios to help make assumptions. 
What is the process?
We communicate the path to change in an easy way. Our process starts with a welcome letter tailored to your business, a convenient kick off meeting, and a clear list of requirements so we can present a transformation journey. We do the heavy lifting and ensure that communication is strong, consistent and reliable.

How will this disrupt my organization?
Bringing in any external help can be intimidating to those working in the business. But we have learned the key to a successful integration is communication, which is why we work closely with internal stakeholders during the process. 
What support will be required of us?
During this process, we work with relevant stakeholders in the organization to understand their knowledge and assumptions about how the efficiency and current state of their company. After the initial knowledge transfer, we will work independently to research, analyze and record our finding to present to you the best route to making a change.

Provoke Your Thoughts.

Why Your Website May Fail as a Sales Tool

The Underlying Issue

The story of the Glass Bank is a sad yet fascinating parable about how creativity, human nature, design and construction can end up in disaster when they are not aligned. In a similar fashion, the organizational misalignment within your company is the underlying disease that is impairing every facet of your business. 


Are You Prioritizing the Right Things?

Misalignment within a company becomes overwhelmingly apparent in their website. They struggle to define goals that align the website’s primary function which is to typically acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

Aligning Your Company for Success

SMARTech Convergence takes the politics out of office politics and helps people focus on what is really important. When the customer is the focus, the mystery that shrouds the subjective becomes a thing of the past.
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