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Our Mission

A Conduit to Change

At Conduit, we believe that success is possible in any environment or climate, and it is our job to help you get there. We work as a conduit from "business as usual" to a brighter future for the organizations we support and the people within them.

Our SMARTech Convergence methodology is one that transcends industries and transforms traditional, silo-based organizations into successful, agile businesses. We do this by integrating internal processes, platforms, people and data with the wants, needs and values of their customers.

Conduit provides you with the strategies, tools and resources you need to compete today and thrive tomorrow.

"Business as usual" has become the silent killer of organizations

We’re on a mission to help companies break out of business as usual by knocking down the silos that get in the way success

In today’s digital world, business insights and decisions are only as good as your data. But when separate departments operate with their own goals, budgets, tools and platforms, critical information gets trapped inside disparate systems.

  • Decisions are made in silos.
  • Nobody can see the bigger picture.

These gaps eventually lead to misalignment, miscommunication, and missed opportunities.


Our Methodology

At Conduit Innovation, we believe the key to solving this, or any, problem is through convergence.

Using our proprietary and scalable methodology, we help companies systematically align their people, processes, platforms and data around the most important data of all—a 360-degree view of your most valuable customers.

"Transformation is difficult if not impossible with existing staff because they can be blind to what truly needs to change. Conduit made all the difference because they were able to open the eyes of key players inside our company and turn them into champions for change.”

Mark Wurzel

CEO, Calico Cottage
"I have many great things to state about Justin and his Conduit team. We connected greatly on a professional and personal level. 

Justin and the Conduit team became part of our family and brand elevating us to where we are today. Our partnership was the catalyst of Fit Factory's evolution."

Matt Genes

CEO, Fit Factory
"Justin and his team were 'our team.' The enthusiasm to solve our challenge was nonstop and so appreciated.

They are leaders of thinking differently and deeply understood our mission to put common sense above labels and conformity. They inspired every day." 

Beth Lindstrom

Candidate for U.S. Senate

Meet the dreamers who do

We’re problem solvers. We build strategies from the customer out. We take the guesswork out of Sales and Marketing. We’re the dreamers who do.

At Conduit Innovation, our passion, vision, and diversity make us unstoppable.

Are you remarkable? We’d love to meet you.

We are always looking to make the right strategic additions to our organization.