With over 25 years of combined experience, the leadership team at Conduit Innovation has been playing a critical role in helping companies better compete in today’s volatile business environments.

Through a blend of strategy and bandwidth enablement services, we enable businesses to identify, prioritize and implement critical initiatives whose purpose is to enhance overall organizational effectiveness.   

Justin Perry

CEO & Founder

“I’ve never met a problem so complex it can’t be solved. You simply have to say no to impossible.”

The secret to success in a crowded marketplace is simple: help your customer solve their problems. The hard part is figuring out how. That’s why I started Conduit Innovation.

Every success I’ve ever had in business was the result of identifying and removing the variables that can lead to failure. I am obsessed with understanding the “why” of things. This curiosity led me to develop a unique problem-solving process that I continually refined in my quest to fulfill the unmet needs of every company, mentor, coworker and employee I have ever encountered in my professional journey. The resulting methodology, which is at the heart of any Conduit Innovation engagement, was refined and perfected over my 15 years of building and scaling successful services companies in the technology and marketing space.

I’d love to hear about your business problems and discuss how we may help.

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Natalie Deych

CTO & Co-founder

“If it keeps you up at night, we stay up until it’s solved.”

At Conduit, we do whatever it takes to help you overcome your obstacles. Getting to watch our clients succeed and grow is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. It’s what gets me out of bed each morning (that’s if I went to bed).

For over a decade, I have used my experience in web and digital marketing technologies to successfully align sales and marketing teams, processes, and platforms around a cohesive plan for attracting customers and increasing revenue. I am passionate about understanding my customer’s business problems and devising meaningful solutions that not only help them make smarter, data-driven decisions, but become “believers” like us that anything is possible when we collaborate.

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Sonny Ritacca

Chief Revenue Officer

Sonny Ritacca joins the team with an extensive executive sales, operations, and consulting background in driving top-line revenue. Sonny’s experience expands across multiple industries, achieving record growth in a variety of competitive and challenging environments with big brands and beyond. Notably, he led the most profitable division of an $8.5B Fortune 500 company to years of record-breaking growth, exceeding $600m revenue goals. Sonny’s ability and passion to understand all sides on the business, how they connect and can create strong synergies to not only grow, but lead to the ultimate customer experience, make him the perfect fit for the firm, current and new client acquisition.

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