Customer Intelligence

Through a data-driven lens, we identify high-value customer personas, understand the broader context of your customer's environment, and intricately map the customer journey, ensuring an optimized, holistic strategy that recognizes the nuances of each customer segment and maximizes their potential value.

Customer Attribute Modeling

In the realm of modern marketing and analytics, understanding your customer is paramount. Customer Attributes Modeling (CAM) serves as a powerful tool in this endeavor, providing businesses with insights to tailor their strategies more effectively.

What is Customer Attributes Modeling?

At its core, Customer Attributes Modeling involves identifying, analyzing, and interpreting the various characteristics or attributes that define a company's customers. These attributes could be demographic (like age, gender, and location), psychographic (interests, values, and lifestyles), behavioral (purchase history, website visits, and product usage), and many more.

Why is it Important?

Personalization: By understanding the different attributes of a customer, businesses can deliver more personalized experiences, offers, and communications, which can lead to increased customer engagement and loyalty.

Segmentation: CAM allows businesses to segment their customer base into more specific groups based on shared attributes. This segmentation can lead to more targeted marketing campaigns, resulting in better ROI.

Predictive Analysis: With a solid understanding of customer attributes, businesses can better predict future behaviors and trends, allowing them to be proactive in their strategies.

Product Development: By understanding what customers value, dislike, or need, businesses can tailor their product or service offerings more effectively.

How is it Done?

The process usually involves collecting data from various sources, including CRM systems, surveys, social media, and more. Advanced analytical tools and techniques, such as machine learning algorithms, can then be used to analyze and interpret this data. The insights derived can guide strategy across various business domains, from marketing and sales to product development and customer service.

Customer Attributes Modeling stands as a linchpin in today's data-driven business environment. When executed correctly, it can unlock deeper customer insights, fostering more genuine connections between brands and their audiences. As with any data-centric approach, maintaining integrity, transparency, and respect for the customer's data is essential.

Target Audience Segmentation

All customers are not created equal, and by using attributes we can take our knowledge of the customer to define the markets that we are operating in and where value lies based on what different customer segments provided to us. Considering segments by stability, growth, margins, etc. allow us to create a holistic strategy that understands customer's roles and maximizes their potential for us.

Areas of Focus

  • Define Your Customer Segments
  • Weight & Influence of Customer Segments
  • Revenue Distribution Across Sales & Marketing Organization

Customer Profiles

Understanding Your Customer

Understanding your customer isn’t as simple as knowing what they buy and why they buy it. We want to know what their environment looks like - what is changing, what is impacting them, what their goals are etc. You are only one piece of your customer's world, so we need to understand their entire context to determine where we can add further value.

Customer Profiles

We craft customer persona profiles based on shared attributes and commonalities. However, unlike traditional buyer personas, we map your historical sales data against these personas to determine the real (sometimes hidden) monetary value of each.

By identifying your highest value customer personas, their careabouts and triggers, we can help you increase revenue and your ROI with a hyper-focused sales and marketing plan for attracting, acquiring and retaining more of them.

Understanding the Customer of Your Customer

Though we are often a layer or more removed, our customer's customer is just as impactful on our business as our customer. Having knowledge of their context: the forces shaping their business, and their priorities and challenges, helps us understand how they operate, and how that impacts our customer and us. This provides us with an opportunity to be a problem solver for our customer by helping them help their customers.

Customer Journey

While most companies create buyer personas, the majority of them collect dust in a drawer because marketers are given no actionable steps for applying them. We map all of your buyer and influencer personas across their buyer’s journey, identifying the key players, the role they play at each stage, content preferences, and the key milestones in their decision-making process.

From awareness, interest, consideration, purchase and beyond, we provide your sales and marketing teams with a complete roadmap for how all your customer segments can interact with your brand and why they should.

Areas of Focus

  • Customer needs, challenges and motivations
  • All the people involved in a purchase, and their role, in each stage
  • All the people involved in a post-purchase, and their role, in each stage
  • Buyer preferences and actions at each stage of the journey

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