Moving the Needle with MarTech

Aligning a MarTech stack to enable an effective strategy

Setting the Scene

Can Technolgoy Combat a Sales Decline?

The client, a leader in the food manufacturing industry that provides retail organizations with solutions to sell in their stores was looking to improve their MarTech stack to drive sales after a recent decline. They wanted Conduit to help them evaluate their MarTech stack and determine the most effective technologies to incorporate into their organization.

What the Client Wanted

From Provider to Partner

The client wanted to find ways to increase sales, and ultimately provide more utility to their retail customers, positioning themselves as a more valuable partner, and not just a solution provider. The client was operating with siloed data, unable to connect activities from the lead to prospect to customer to understand the full lifecycle of the customer from their buying journey to their buying behavior.

Measure to Connect

They were also using an outdated content management system that relied on IT to make any updates and they had no way to message customers effectively, only a one size fits all message to existing customers and no insight whether the efforts produced business results. The client understood that they needed the ability to measure their marketing performance as they lacked KPIs to measure or segment their efforts and data model. Ultimately, the client wanted to use MarTech to better connect with their customers and compete in a digitally driven world.

What the Client Really Needed

A Strategy Built on a Customer-Centric Consensus

At Conduit, we believe the real power of technology comes when it is enabling an effective strategy. Because of this, we work to combine the strategic with the technical, not allowing them to remain in silos. Working with the senior management team to create a clear strategy, provided the opportunity to align the leadership and create consensus. This strategy, one that was driven by a focus on understanding customers and their behaviors, and using that understanding to determine customer value, allowed the client to understand the value of their customers, relate their multi-faceted value proposition to the right audiences, and have a strategy that would bring them the results they wanted.

A MarTech Strategy Fueled by Company Vision

Conduit took the time to analyze the current state of their MarTech stack and data model to understand the gaps and future needs to meet business objectives and requirements, including platforms, people's roles and processes, as well as their pain points and wishes. All of this was aligned with the organization's broader goals and strategy as Conduit worked to create business and technical requirements for the future state MarTech stack.

Data is 50% of the Solution

This process enabled Conduit to understand what is required of the data model and establish KPIs that would enable the organization to measure results. During this process, Conduit brought to light how the company viewed technology with a feature and function first approach was separate from how they company was utilizing their data to measure performance. In order to have a cohesive strategy, all of these elements needed to come together with the business strategy and customer driving.

Gaining a Clear Picture 

But having a true representation of the current state allowed the internal stakeholders of the client to have a baseline they can begin from and align on the roadmap for the future that aligned the people, processes, platforms and data around truly understanding the customer.

A Conduit for Change

A 360-Degree View of the Customer 

To create traceability through the entire marketing pipeline, Conduit implemented an end-to-end lead and contact integration process. What resulted was a way for the client to capitalize on their knowledge of the customer and to connect marketing investment with a measurable ROI. 

This process resulted in:
  • A new data model that allowed the client to segment and evaluate their customers to establish a level of priority and value of each segment to drive strategic investments moving forward.
  • An internal accountability model with personalized KPI’s and internal accountability model to empower employees and help stakeholders makes decisions
  • A new content management system that liberated marketers from relying on IT due to new and rapid changes in digital requirements
  • A content management system that allows non-technical editors to take control of the website and make changes to initiating internal data clean-up projects  
  • An integrated MarTech stack to support the end-to-end customer journey that tracks online and offline behaviors, providing a single view of all customer insights
    • CRM, CMS, Automation, Analytics
  • The capability to identify their customer’s buying behaviors as attributes to promote high-margin products and solutions that align with their needs to ultimately boost sales and top line revenue through their ecommerce site.   
  • Ability to truly personalize prospect and customer experience using CRM, ERP automation and CMS in real time.
Hands-On Execution 

We work diligently to make your lives easier by truly understanding your business, guiding your transformation, and executing every aspect of your vision, from the big things to the small. Ultimately, the client needed a holistic solution - one that reevaluated their MarTech stack and ensured alignment with their strategy and established metrics for accountability.