Organizational Change
Strategy & Research

We are a conduit to re-imagine, re-define & re-align your organization through a diligent strategic planning process. Understanding your customer means discovering the real reasons behind their behavior. We identify those external forcesenabling you to hyper target, predict  & influence the behavior of the “right” customers for your business today, and in the future. 

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Transformation Strategy

An 8-step process whereby any company, in any industry and with any budget can begin to align its current efforts, budget, processes, people, platforms and data to remove the variables that undermine customer satisfaction and overall success.

Benchmarking & KPIs

Maturity Level Evaluation

We perform external benchmarking exercises to stack your organization's capabilities against the industry standards and the competition.

The outome of the exervise is a maturity level scoring and assessment:

  • Define Criteria Attributes
  • Internal Escalators
  • Industry Standards Potential Escalators
  • Scoring Ranges and Thresholds (Positive and Negative)
  • Analyze industry reports performed by leading independent analyst parties and availavle data platforms

Laying the Groundwork for Benchmarking

Conduit will assemble an initial data model that will append attributes that are applicable to your customers. The attributes will reveal the interactivity between the seemingly disparate customer/ use case/buying behavior data sets. This will allow for a updated segmentation model which provides tactical benefit to your sales team and marketing teams.

  • Data Analysis
  • ​Segmentation Logic
  • Data Benchmarking
  • Attribute Mapping
  • Funnel/Hourglass Analysis
  • Data Model & Initial Segmentation Logic

Baseline KPIs and Goal Setting

While Voice of Customer Analysis, Persona Development & Buyer’s Journey exercises have become necessary staples in effective Acquisition/Retention & Growth strategies, the need to append this qualitative data with actual buying behavioral data has never been more important to make data-driven decisions.
We work with organizations to Identify critical KPIs and align the metrics by business segment that map to business results to measure results against the expectations and goal setting.

  • Know who your customer is
  • ​Know what they buy
  • Know why they buy what they buy
  • Know how much they buy
  • Know how often they buy

This process lais a solid foundation for the organization to understand and embrace how their customer segments align with each other in addition to how they collectively contribute to the organization's revenue streams to define what "success" means.

Stakeholder Communications

Standardizing “Thinking Differently” Provides Clarity

Our overarching structure ensures that stakeholders know:

  • The larger business narrative behind the process
  • Where things currently stand within the process
  • Blind spots within your business that need to be addressed

Throughout our comprehensive engagements or as stand alone service, we take special care to ensure stakeholders have a voice and feel like they are a part of the process at all times.

Ecosystem Analysis
An organization’s performance is often heavily influenced by its environment. Factors that control economic trends, direct/indirect behaviors and societal tendencies must be considered when designing and configuring a go-forward strategy. We have designed a methodology and a process meant to understand these factors in advance of any tactical execution.

External forces that influence success

  • Dynamics of the industries you serve
  • Dynamics of the companies you serve within those industries
  • The competition & viability of the products/services you sell
  • Relative maturity of the markets where you complete
  • Market maturity & its impact to the products/services you sell
  • How external market forces influence customer behavior
  • Disruptive innovation, technology & volatility considerations
  • Current & forecasted future supply & demand considerations
Competitive Analysis

Competitor analysis is an integral part of the strategic planning process which is critical to understanding the industry in which a company competes and the dynamics of the marketplace. Competitor analysis is critical, not only for established companies, but also for new business start-ups or as business look to pivot their direction.

Often times a competitor analysis is required by lenders as part of developing the business plan and identifying the market need, competitve advantage and barriers to entry.

Voice of Customer (VoC)

We conduct voice of the customer interviews with your customers, past customers and prospects to go beyond job titles and demographics and learn the real emotional triggers that make them want them to learn about your company, make a purchase, and remain a customer for life.

This processes can close the gap between what you think you know about your customers and how they actually feel about and engage with your company.

Voice of Employee

Our Voice of Employee process is designed to examine the behavior of your employee segments across a variety of factors inclusive of how their interact, their beliefs, desires, motivations and finally actions. 

Understanding in-house employee means discovering the real reasons behind their behavior. We identify those external forces enabling you to hyper target , predict & influence behavior of the “right” person for your business's growth.

  • Align Employee Roles & the Value You Provide
  • Develop Context Based Employee Profile Segments
  • Link Profile Segments with Business Impact
  • Uncover External Factors Shaping Behaviors
  • Validate Internal Opinions About Employee Motivations
  • Reconcile Insights to Create Survey
  • Conduct Virtual Video Interviews
  • Synthesize Feedback and Results to Create Final Personas and Journey Maps