What is Data One?

You bought all the tech. You measure clicks and views, run A/B tests, and track sales actions and follow-ups in your CRM. And you still can’t tell what’s working and what’s not, where to invest your marketing dollars, or how best to organize your sales people. Chances are, you’re suffering from data disconnect. Let Data One reconnect you with success.

You don't need more data. You need the right data.

Digital technology and the big data insights they promise, should be a boom to your sales and marketing efforts. Instead, you’re mired in metrics that tell you virtually nothing about your past success or future direction. 

Investing in technology does not guarantee results

Even with substantial investments in technology platforms and sales and marketing content, frameworks, and vendors, companies are still failing to deliver results:

  • 49% of companies are unable to prove their marketing return on investment (ROI).
  • 78% of marketers are unhappy with their conversion rates.
  • 70% of marketing and sales departments are not tightly aligned with one another.

Fragmented technology solutions equals data silos

That’s because the modern sales pipeline is highly fragmented, dependent upon the orchestrated efforts of multiple internal organizations, vendors, technology platforms, and software solution providers. As the martech landscape grows ever more congested and complicated, so do your data silos. 

Data silos make integrated reporting impossible

These data disconnects make it near impossible to track and measure, with any confidence, the success or failure of any of your customer acquisition or retention strategies.

Data One is the Answer

We can help you make sense of your disparate and siloed data. Our Data One service enables sales, marketing and technology teams to work together as one, share data, and tailor the buying experience to the needs of your highest value customers.

  • Understand the real value of any sales and marketing program
  • Focus on the marketing initiatives that maximize conversions and reduce customer acquisition costs.
  • Deepen your relationships with existing customers and acquire new high-value ones
  • Align internal and external resources, strategies and platform decisions

Our unique methodology is proven to establish a new level of continuity and data integrity across your organization. It’s time to integrate, unify, and unlock the data driving your sales and marketing pipeline.

What you want to do.
What you “think” you need.
What you really need.