A Familiar Problem Resurfaces.

Your Data Problems Are Always a Problem

You've invested in the technology that should enable your organization to track, test & measure activity.
Yet you still can’t tell what’s working, what’s not, where to invest sales & marketing dollars, or how best to organize your people.  

More Data < The Right Data Made Useful

​Today's technology and the big data insights they promise, are rendered useless unless you populate these platforms with data that is structured in a way that considers:

  • The Context of Your Business
  • The Types of Customers in Your Business 
  • KPIs & Metrics That Connect Your Customers & Their Impact to Your Business 

Guess what? Its Nobody's Fault.
And You're Not Alone.

When it Comes to Measuring ROI,
Technology Cannot Compensate for a Bad Data Model

Even with substantial investments in technology platforms, content, best practices & specialized vendors, companies are still failing to deliver results:

  • 49% of companies are unable to prove their marketing return on investment (ROI).
  • 78% of marketers were reported to be unhappy with their conversion rates.
  • 70% of marketing and sales departments are not tightly aligned with one another.

When You've Decided 
It's Time to Solve the Problem.

Just because all customers are special does not mean all customers are created equal. 

The actual behavior of your customers can often times vary greatly from one to the another.  These differences in behavior can manifest in the following ways:

  • Which Customers Buy the Most
  • Which Customers Buy Most Frequently
  • What Customers Buy When They Buy
  • The Importance of What They Buy to Your Overall Goals

Your conduit to success

​See how a customer centric approach is the key to your sustained success.

Case Study Calico Cottage

It's never too late to transform

Re-imagining a brand and, in the process, transforming a 55-year-long business model into a customer centric machine.

Knowledge is Power.

The Right Data Model Makes It Easy to Prioritize What's Important 

Translating the financial impact that your company's customers represent to the business is essential to prioritizing organizational effort & investments. 

  • It Opens the Door to Contextual KPIs to Supplement the Standard Measurements of Success 
  • It Reveals Cause/Effect Relationships to Let You Read Between the Lines of Company's Performance (Past & Present)
  • Understanding the Impact of your Effort & Investments Helps to Better Shape How Your Organization Assigns Value & Priority to customers moving forward

A New Level of Organizational Continuity & Data Integrity.

Go Beyond BIG Data.

Converge the Qualitative, Quantitative & Contextual Data Lies Within Your Business